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Pick-a-mix Cartoon Charm Bundles

Pick-a-mix Cartoon Charm Bundles

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Your Crocs lacking personality? Wanna change things up? Not sure what charms to pick from the infinite whirl pool of possibilities! 

Don't worry we got you covered!  Add Personality with a Twist!?

With our Pick-a-mix Cartoon Charm Bundles - We'll surprise you with a unique selection of fun, vibrant and creative charms to bring your crocs to life and add a design you can own!

There is a wide range of unique charms that come in a bundle!

And, these charms can be used for a variety of accessories - Shoes, Bags , pencil cases and much more. Your imagination is the limit!

Pick-a-Mix Cartoon Croc Charm Bundles Details

  • Material : PVC
  • Water proof 
  • No repeated charms in a single bundle
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